Unfinished 1 – A Poem

What I mean to say
is that I don’t disdain you
when I sew my tongue to the roof of my mouth

On the contrary

I envy your voices
striding into crowded rooms,
your eyes meeting other eyes
while I
can only stare into ear shells
waiting for the sound of oceans

I sit astride a 3-foot wall
of weird
watching how the rest of the world

2 thoughts on “Unfinished 1 – A Poem

  1. This was so lovely to read! I actually really like unfinished poems where the theme isn’t perhaps as vivid or obvious as finished ones. I have poems of mine that make absolutely NO sense, and I have to wonder what I thought I was writing it when I put pen to paper, haha.

    I’ve read over some of your other poems, and they are truly lovely!

    (Also: when I clicked “older posts” to read some more, your theme went a bit wild, and I wasn’t actually able to see any more, because it kept skipping straight to the bottom of the page >.<)

    1. Hi, Chiara!

      1.) Thank you! Sometimes, having an unfinished poem niggles at me (working in a corporate setting does that to you). But I promised myself that I’ll try to put something out here at least once a week, and I’m learning to be less control-freaky. It’s a good exercise. XD

      2.) Nonsensical poems are sometimes the best poems; they’re the ones that let you be one with the words. Instead of meaning, you can get lost in cadence. It’s a calming feeling. I’d like to read some of yours (can I find them in your older posts?)

      3.) I’m glad you like my poems! I’m learning to not be so hard on myself over how “not deep” some of them are compared to others. XD

      4.) I think this is a sign for me to consider switching themes again.

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