You Ask?! – A Poem

Quick note: this is an attempt to write poem using my prose style…not sure it worked, but I had fun with it.


Take a side –
this cause or that?
If I don’t, you just think I’m bad.
Try to speak in neutral tones,
and get compared to mud.

Not allowed on a brick wall;
you will just pull me to the floor.
When I try for compromise-
well, I’m the one who gets shot.

Don’t know why everyone insists on the extremes.
As if they’re Jesus-perfect.

To me it just seems your point to arguing is to simply scream.

So you call me unjust,
but are you even listening now?
‘Cause it looks to me as if you’re only hearing what you want.

I’ve barely made a sound,
and you are midway through a shout.

You are tearing your own throat over such shallow shadow grounds.

You ask me why I hide?
You ask me why I walk away?

What do you think?

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