The Ixora – A Poem + Life Updates

Note: I know, I know. I said I’d be posting more. But I had a bit of an exciting weekend (MIBF woooooooo! ohai Ariel and Anne) followed by a major Murphy’s Law day at work, so I kind of got distracted.

Also, I finished the last book of Codex Alera and it’s kind of hard to stop reading that. If you like military-style societies and Avatar: The Last Airbender, I recommend that you read it—I recommend that you buy it to support Jim Butcher, but I can give you copies of Book 1 if you comment about this below.

On top of that, our #StrangeLit bundle “Incredible Truths” now has a book trailer care of the wonderful Anne Plaza, which I’m still fangirling over. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT.

*cough* I was dithering with the online courses I mentioned last time, too. Apart from angsting about not having a good enough photo for all of my social media accounts, I also wondered if my sense of enjambment is boring.

Which brings me to this week’s poem. This was the result of the “found poem” exercise for the online poetry class, inspired by my #StrangeLit story (which makes mention of this flower). It involved getting a piece of prose and breaking it up so it would look more like a poem. The resource I used was Rich Sense.

Let me know what you guys think.


The Ixora (Jungle Flame) is

a plant

of the Rubiaceae.

The Ixora

grows by nature in

tropical Asia.

The Ixora flowers have

a special meaning


to some religions, such as

in Hinduism, where

the red Ixora flowers are used

to honor

the Gods.


at Buddhist temples the flowers

are used in flower


Suriname knows

the red Ixora

under the name Faja

Lobi, which

Hindus brought with them

from India

to Suriname;

this flower has

grown to be one of

the most popular flower

of Suriname.

 The Ixora Kontiki can be


from April

til October.

What do you think?

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