Child – A Poem + Life Updates

Note: This week has been…eventful.

It’s boss week at work—and I got a promotion 😀 Incidentally, it’s also a new quarter, which means we had to take a step back and see how much we need to take note of (and it’s A LOT; I need a lot of Coke for this).

My boyfriend rescued a kitten, and we had to figure out where to keep her until I can take her home to my Dad’s place this weekend—thankfully, we worked something out with this amazing girl who volunteers for the Philippine Animal Rescue Team. The kitten has now been dubbed “Pieta” and, according to temporary foster parent Rui, she’s a demanding little thing. Don’t you just LOVE cats with spirit?

This is Pieta the morning after she was rescued. The box was still okay the night previous.

The other thing that happened is that OUR BOOK BUNDLE is finally available for purchase. Please check out Incredible Truths; I promise you great stories 🙂

With everything that’s happened (plus waking up in the middle of the night with The Babudook, our other recent rescue, having bitten into my arm), I ended up being way behind on some stuff, including my online classes and my writing.

Look at him. So vicious. So sleepy.

Thankfully, I managed to sneak in a few bits of writing here and there.

In line with my apparent cat motherhood this year, I give you a poem on motherhood in general. Mainly because I don’t know how my mother managed to raise THREE decent human beings while being an OCD manager at the same time. I hope you like it, readers.

Also, I love you mom. I know you’re almost the only person reading this stuff.


As you curled

into a conch shell around my heart,

I knew

I held oxygen

in my mouth

in case

you need help breathing

outside the ocean

inside me.

What do you think?

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