Why Haven’t You Gotten A #StrangeLit Bundle Yet?

Oh my god, guys. GUYS. Why haven’t you gotten a #StrangeLit bundle yet?

image from giphy.com

I know, it sounds oddly self-serving considering the fact that I was published in one of those bundles. But seriously, if you haven’t gotten at least one of those babies, WHY?

It’s not like you’ll be bored with these stories

There’s a reason why this series is called #StrangeLit—it covers some really interesting speculative fiction. They can cover anything!

One of my favorites so far is Den Lim’s “Intersection”, which follows a(n admirably entrepreneurial) vigilante and a girl out on a very weird mission.

Click on this image to find out what happens next on Wattpad, and follow Den! 😀

And then there’s Ysa Arcangel’s “Anathema”, the protagonist of which has to deal with some unpleasant experiences—and some unpleasant choices.

Click on this image to keep reading, and follow Ysa on Wattpad!

And then there’s my short story “Shake-Ups”—in which a young woman needs to make a choice in the face of some extraordinary family secrets.

Sadly, you’ll have to buy the #IncredibleTruths bundle to find out what the heck is happening here because the side story won’t be up on Wattpad until next month.

I promise you, there’s something for everyone here…provided they’re weird enough.

If you hang around my blog for the next week or so, you’ll be seeing even more #StrangeLit previews.

They’re not even hard to access

Sure, you can only read them via the Buqo App right now—but it’s really not that hard to use once you’ve downloaded it.

And it’s not like #StrangeLit books are super-expensive right now

Seriously, click the link above and see that a bundle won’t even cost you TWO DOLLARS. This is 90 Philippine pesos right at this moment, guys. You won’t go poor if you buy one (or all) of these. You won’t need to throw a fit over book prices the way this little boy did (sadly, no subtitles for my foreign readers).

But I must warn you—these won’t stay at Php 90/USD 1.95 forever. This is the soft launch price, and after October 24, 2015, you’ll probably have to shell out Php 250/USD 5.50 for each bundle. So what are you waiting for?


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