An Ode to Our Indoor Cats – A Poem

Note: Hi, guys! Ever had days so filled with infodumps that you couldn’t think straight? I had a week of those, thanks to work and our upcoming book launch (see you there?), which I’m gearing up for by scheduling posts FOR ALL OF NEXT WEEK. I hope you guys were luckier.

Thankfully, cats exist—and ours are pretty special, if I do say so myself (but then, aren’t ALL CATS special?). I simply had to jot out something for them to show my appreciation.

I hope you guys enjoy this!

ReadinginBetween_Ode to Indoor CatsPoem
Original image swiped from the Colorfy App

Seriously, kitties, I think you might be fish

First, we meet you
from behind a reef of plants and now
you float in your sleep,
blowing bubbles

And Davi:
You move back and forth
from home to home to home
and often slip behind
the bedrock of couches

Itim, you
slide sleek between
the landmines
of chair and table legs
your tail swinging side to side

While Parker,
you make great
arcing leaps upward
unsuspecting flies

you forget what you did
five seconds ago
and now you forget that you
can trip on rugs

The Babudook:
You’re always moving
and biting and attacking
and flitting through rooms
like a tiny barracuda

You watch us with
those dark liquid eyes
unblinking as you glide
between my fingers

It’s as if you guys know that I prefer
life in aquariums;

safe, but full of color.

What do you think?

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