Taking a Hump Day Break

So many things happening, so few hours in the day!ReadinginBetween_Too TiredSeriously, though, the raffle for enjoyable reads is still ongoing, and I’m doing test prints for the giveaways on Saturday:

Aren’t they amazing? 😀 My awesome significant other drew them, and he makes art (check out his Gundam Baymax!).

At the same time, my team at work has a bunch of projects in the pipeline (we just completed one earmarked as “urgent”). I’m so worried about those, on top of the launch, that I’m barely sleeping.

So I’ll just rest for now, and dream of being a superhero who’ll never get tired of saving the world.

See you tomorrow (and, if we’re lucky, on Saturday?).

For now, I leave you with the new episode of The Flash.

What do you think?

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