Love the Little Things – A Poem

Note: This poem is inspired by my first mason jar mug ever, bought for me by my dad. Yaaaaaay for cute drinking receptacles (who else has them?). 

I sincerely hope you enjoy this! I’m off to another weekend (to be spent with a migraine, oi vey).

ReadinginBetween_Love the Little Things Poem

Love the little things like

kittens paws on your cheek

and dust motes on sunshine

like petrichor and

the love seat just your size


the smooth glide of ink

and the rolling turns of phrases


the little things

like clear sidewalks in the evening

and midnight conversations

(the best Doctor’s WHO?)

like towns that turn you childlike when

you turn a certain corner

and the mornings with the silence

of a billion dreaming souls

Love these little

tiny, subtle


What do you think?

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