As the Pain Sweeps Through

I was supposed to write my review of Janus Silang books 1 and 2, but something shocking happened: David Bowie died following a battle with cancer almost no one knew about until now.

I can’t claim to be his biggest fan ever, but I’ve had a crush on him since I saw The Labyrinth. I admired his talent, and the sheer balls he must have had; few artists walk away at the height of popularity and still end up being famous over several generations.

So instead of continuing the outline, I started reading and looking at tributes (my favorite being the Neil Gaiman/Yoshitaka Amano collaboration). I looped my favorite Bowie song for two hours at work, and contemplated his commitment to his brand of artistry.

I wrote this instead, because I could think of little else (apart from cats, which he apparently also loved).

There will still be a poem on Friday. But today, there is this.


What do you think?

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