Picking at a Project Times Project

Have you ever been through the hell of redoing an outline for what feels like forever? You know, when you KNOW that you need to start writing the damn thing but your outline keeps pulling you back?

Yyyyeeeeaaaah, that’s me and my Project Times Project. I agreed to do it because Marigold, the girl spearheading this thing, is pretty darn awesome. And also, my un-chickening has fallen by the wayside and I need to do something to kick my own butt again.

And in theory, this is great. I’m finding myself jotting down notes and ideas when I have the time in my (admittedly insane 3 am to 2 pm) work schedule. And they’re really INTERESTING ideas because I have looming deadlines keeping things fresh. Some of you writerly folks might be able to relate.

In practice, I’m actually kicking myself way too hard. I’m all ideas and no forward motion. I don’t know how to sew these things into a cohesive narrative quilt. Every time I try to get into the writing phase, I either end up with more notes or a zoned-out phase that lead me incapable of complete sentences. And I give up to crochet/knit or doodle/paint instead.

Reading in Between_Project Times curly redhead doodle

Admittedly, doodles like this kind of inspire me and give me more idea-WHEN WILL THIS STOP?

I’m not the only one, am I? The kind of writer who is all ideas but can’t concentrate enough to follow through? I’m sure the other authors participating in this project are faring better than I am.

Heck, I bet YOU are better at this than I am. If you are, and you’re interested in joining—come on, the minimum length is 1000 words!—then reach out to the Project Times peeps. They’re really nice, and this is a really cool idea.

Gleefully suffer with me. 😀


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