HEARTS FOR SALE (Is launching)

Hello, hello, sweeties!

Super busy right now because there are BIG CHANGES in my work life and I’m about to go on PTO (so I need to get as much as I could done). But I wanted to keep up the habit of posting every Wednesday.

Besides, Project: TIMES “Hearts for Sale” is launching tomorrow, and we have an introvert-friendly Facebook event you might want to check out because there will be giveaways! You get to learn more about the contributors (crazy, but not too dangerous)! There might be games!

Click here to pre-order Hearts for Sale!

If you can’t go or buy the book, that’s totally fine. But I would like to ask you guys to help us boost the signal—the more people in the universe know about us, the more likely we are to write. And the more we write, the better we get.

We’re like wine in that it ages well, but we’re better because we actively do stuff while wine just sits in your home’s open bar (are we SERIOUSLY the only family I know who puts the open bar right next to the entrance to our unit?).

But back to the topic: I’d be ever so grateful if people either bought the book or said hi at the online event, so much so that I’m willing to give stuff away to one lucky buyer and one person who shows up at the launch event for my time slot.

What am I giving away? Oh, sweeties. Spoilers.

So are you buying/will I see you at the launch?

What do you think?

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