These New Beginnings

Here’s the thing about new beginnings: they often need old ends to begin from.

A baby born today is more than just their parents’ child; they are millions of years worth of genes, dominating and receding like great empires. Our favorite summer blockbuster films are centuries worth of storytelling in the dark.

We are the answer to our histories, and we will be the questions of the future.


This week, my country elected a new President. I did not vote for him, but I accept his victory.

We are still waiting to see who will serve as his Vice President; it’s either the son of a dictator or the widow of a martyred man. The situation rings familiar.

We act as if this election will define us, when in truth it is we who have molded it from the ashes of a revolution that, in many ways, we have failed to honor.

And I find hope in the knowledge that this, however it turns out, is a step towards our better selves.

What do you think?

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