On Things That Happen

Things happen.

You can get sick (which was why there was no poem last week), or get emotionally involved in news (between Brexit, gun control, and apparent controversies involving our new president, I get exhausted), or even initiate rescue missions (forced to foster kittens we can’t keep to save them from the streets).

They’re up for adoption! We can’t keep ’em! Adopt, don’t shop!

But people like us, we have to keep moving forward. Squint at a shimmering horizon. Have faith that it’s not a mirage in the desert of overwhelm.
There are things that happen. They happen to me, they happen to you. Folks who say that we bring all things upon ourselves are bullshitters, because lots of things are beyond our control and trying to avoid them is not living. Things happen.

Either embrace every wonderful, terrible second of it, or quit the world.

What do you think?

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