Because There Were No Poems Last Week

…and I’ve been too busy/tired/sick to write anything that I think is worth sharing, I’m just gonna invite you guys to pre-order Piece by Piece. You have until Saturday Manila time to reserve your copies!

I’m proud to say that I helped this project along by running a workshop for people who were interested in poetry, but didn’t know where to begin (or weren’t sure if they were doing it right). Their work can be found behind this book’s pretty cover.
Fun fact: the lovely cover was by Ruel Domdom, one of the most talented artists I know. He’s also a really good SEO Analyst/Excel Wizard. Look him up! Pay for his art! 😊

This book also wouldn’t have happened if Ms. Marigold Uy didn’t push for it; so thank heavens for her. If you need to have a book formatted, I encourage you guys to find her and pay her to do it.

Support poets, everyone! Please buy this book. 💃

What do you think?

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