April Feels Day 2017 Feels!

a.k.a. My Wallet and I Barely Survived April Feels Day

People who know me know I’ve been a hermit for the last half-decade or so. I usually don’t go out for events unless it’s Komikon or work-related (and even then, the event needs to be accessible). But it was different last Sunday.

Last Sunday was April Feels Day, and a book I’d contributed to was launching that day.

ReadinginBetween_April Feels Day Banner
Image taken from https://www.facebook.com/events/248843262242162/

April Feels Day is an annual feels extravaganza for the #romanceclass community writers and readers. It’s basically the event for local romance readers to get their kilig on.

It’s my first time participating in the event on top of being my first time being an author who had to sign actual books. There were so many copies of our book “Summer Feels”, and it was overwhelming. So much so that I seriously messed up the autographs on some books. If you happened to get one of those copies, I truly do apologize. Please feel free to email me at ealmazora@gmail.com, and I will send you a poem or a short scene (50 words or under) with a prompt of your choice.

Group signing
Photo of a bunch of us signing books c/o co-author Bentham Hurtado

That said, I still had fun signing books with my fellow Summer Feels authors—especially my signing batchmate Irene Jurado (she wrote “Love After Summer”; if you have our book already, you can jump straight to her story). As we signed the books, the program started with book presentations (including ours).

After we finished signing all the books, I finally found time to shop for other people’s books. Look how glorious the shelves were:




I eventually had to stop because I forgot to bring an extra bag for all the books I wanted to buy. XD Also, I was hungry since I hadn’t had lunch. So I wandered over to a nearby shawarma place, re-energized myself with soda, and went to Hey Kessy to buy a canvas bag so I can get more books later (I also got a print copy of “All’s Fair in Blog and War” by Chrissie Peria from them because it was there and I wanted it).

Had a bit of a breather before the readings started.

That’s a good thing because THOSE READINGS ALMOST KILLED ME.

I’m not kidding. I had to use my inhaler like five times through several readings because I almost stopped breathing. My uterus definitely was destroyed and revived repeatedly. I now worship the wonderful theater actors and actresses who graced us with their stellar performances.

My phone battery was running low at that point on account of me forgetting to bring a power bank, so I didn’t get photos or videos. Thankfully, you can find recordings of the #romanceclass readings here.

Following the reading was a photo op session—mainly so folks can take photos with the crazy talented readers, but also to take pics with each other. The Summer Feels folks got a chance to get a class photo of sorts.

Photo care of our co-author/editor Kate Sebastian

And then I bought more books right before the rest of the book launches, because why not? These are all the books I ended up with at the end of the day:

Aren’t they beautiful?

It was AMAZING. So many great people. So many good books. And I learned a few things too, like:

  • I literally get starstruck around authors whose work I recently read; unless they approach me first, I tend to just hide in a corner watching them in awe (the hiding applies to Jay E. Tria, Six de los Reyes, and Tara Frejas, whose books I’d devoured the week before) no matter how nice they actually are
  • I also alternate between friendly and shy/awkward around new people in general, so if we met last Sunday and I seemed off/weird, I apologize
  • I mustn’t forget to bring a canvas bag, power bank, and extra inhaler for stuff like this

I’m so grateful for this event, and I can’t wait for the next one!

HEARTS FOR SALE (Is launching)

Hello, hello, sweeties!

Super busy right now because there are BIG CHANGES in my work life and I’m about to go on PTO (so I need to get as much as I could done). But I wanted to keep up the habit of posting every Wednesday.

Besides, Project: TIMES “Hearts for Sale” is launching tomorrow, and we have an introvert-friendly Facebook event you might want to check out because there will be giveaways! You get to learn more about the contributors (crazy, but not too dangerous)! There might be games!

Click here to pre-order Hearts for Sale!

If you can’t go or buy the book, that’s totally fine. But I would like to ask you guys to help us boost the signal—the more people in the universe know about us, the more likely we are to write. And the more we write, the better we get.

We’re like wine in that it ages well, but we’re better because we actively do stuff while wine just sits in your home’s open bar (are we SERIOUSLY the only family I know who puts the open bar right next to the entrance to our unit?).

But back to the topic: I’d be ever so grateful if people either bought the book or said hi at the online event, so much so that I’m willing to give stuff away to one lucky buyer and one person who shows up at the launch event for my time slot.

What am I giving away? Oh, sweeties. Spoilers.

So are you buying/will I see you at the launch?

Incredible Truth: We Have Liftoff

Aaaaaaand they’re officially launched! 🙂 Yay, #StrangeLit! We did it!

Incredible Truthers represent! Photo by the awesome Alveel Kaith C.

That up there are me and my bundlemates. From top left: Kristel Cruz (A Sky of Wishes), Alveel Kaith C. (As the Night Ends), Anne Plaza (Bloodline Maharlika). From bottom left: Ysa Arcangel (Anathema), me, and DJ Paraguya (Viva Voce).

Without these guys, I wouldn’t have even had the guts to go to the event. I love you, #StrangeLit Incredibles!

Meanwhile: all 4 #StrangeLit bundles are still available at the Buqo store, but at full price. All free copies of our bundle I had at my disposal had been raffled off last week (I’m so sorry, guys!).

But not to worry: we’re all still writing, and you’ll read more of us soon.

This thing? It’s just an incredible beginning.

Get Free (e)Books for Your Old Tree Books!


Okay guys, here are the official details—as I mentioned in my previous poetic post, you can get a free ebook storybundle for any fiction/biography tree book (that’s regular books, y’all). Remember to ask for the #StrangeLit bundles, where my short story about a girl, earthquakes, and mysterious strangers can be found!

Or, if you’re not into that kind of thing, you can find other stories and other genres too—Romance, YA, and more!


You can learn more about this project via the Official #ABookForAnEBook post on the Buqo blog.

Seriously, this is an AWESOME initiative. The books you donate will be given to libraries (thus spreading more readable joy to more people), and you get more stuff to read for FREE. It’s a win-win sitch!

So if you’re in Manila from September 16-20, 2015, don’t hesitate to drop off those tree books in exchange for ebooks. Who knows? You might discover your new favorite stories there. 🙂

Cheers, you guys!