These Days

Didn’t post on Friday, because I had a doctor’s appointment. I probably won’t be posting regularly these days, since it turns out I’ll be busy with work and physical therapy.

Yeah, physical therapy. Because my back muscles have effed up my neck, which in turn gave me sinus headaches. Bodies are fricking weird, guys.

In any case, I will post when I can. But not as much these days.

ReadinginBetween_These Days Drabble

Have a lovely ghost month, guys!

5-minute Interludes

I no longer have the intellectual bandwidth to do more thoughtful posts on Wednesdays. The most I could manage is some random thought snippets written down on a pad of paper.


But I suspect others out there are feeling like this right now too. So to my exhausted brethren – let us unite, separately, in our own homes, and let ink slink sideways in silence.

Barely Time to Think

…or, to be more precise, there’s barely time to think PROPERLY. By the time I find time to think of things outside my job, I’ve only enough coherence left to survive a trip home (it takes a lot of concentration to commute in the Philippines) and/or surf the internet mindlessly.

I really suck
I really do.

Who else is feeling that this week? I want you to know: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Excuse me while I put the Hamilton Cast Album on loop.

I Missed a Poetry Post (but my reasons are valid)

Yes, I know. I didn’t post a poem last week. Most of you probably don’t care. But I do. I promised myself I’d publish poetry on this blog every week. It’s the principle of the thing.

HOWEVER, I also have to concede that I have very valid reasons forĀ not doing anything on that front. Those reasons are as follows:

  • The first half of that work week was pretty much dedicated to figuring out how to handle major changes at work
  • The day prior to the scheduled poetry post was the Hearts for Sale launch, and I was exhausted
  • I also forgot to drink extra water the day of the launch (I was too excited) and thus suffered from dehydration-induced migraines
  • My stepdad came home from Manchester on the day the poem was supposed to be published
  • I was worrying about the poetry lessons I was planning to send out to people (and it turns out I had every right to because I suck at MailChimp

These reasons are why, despite the failure I know missing that poetry post to be, I am making an effort to forgive myself. Because contrary to popular belief, lots of writers are super hard on themselves for slipping.

It’s also the reason why I’m planning on writing TWO poems this week, probably as results of an exercise I will be assigning to my Fun Poetry Fundamentals workshop.

Why do I keep doing this to myself? Ah, whatever.

I’ll just leave you guys with the Hamilton soundtrack because it’s beautiful.