Lover on the Sheets – A Poem

Note: Today is Halloween in the Philippines—and, incidentally, my significant other’s birthday. So why not post a poem? I was originally going to submit this someplace, but I kinda changed my mind. ^^;

Anyway—Happy Birthday, Bee!

And for the rest of you—Happy Halloween! May the spirits who visit be not sinister or at the very least be cool enough to let you have the choice to damn your eternal soul. Or something.

ReadinginBetween_Creepy Bed
Image by Michael Gaida on Pixabay

Lover on the Sheets

My lover on the sheets
is moon-white and
and creeps in the shadow crevices
of bunched-up blankets;
whispering sweet sinister
everythings at my feet.

Ah, darling grasping
at my toes!
Did you really think
I would ever let you go?

Little Twin Stars – A Drabble

Note: It’s my brother’s birthday!  Happy Birthday to my almost-twin (a quirk of birth timing gives us two whole days of being the same age)! Super proud of this guy, by the way, because despite all the challenges he went through these last few years, he still managed to finish his Masters Degree in Economics with really high marks. He’ll be marching this Saturday.

For all his brains, though, my bro can be a really silly guy. So I wrote him a silly drabble. But I also got him a book, because I’m not THAT stingy. 😂

Happy Birthday, Leo.


3 Limericks – Happy Birthday, Dad!

In honor of my dad’s birthday, I will be posting 3 limericks (because he used to write lots of those). Prepare for silliness!

There once was a man they called Boy
Who lived with unsinkable joy
He doesn’t go bad
He merely goes mad
This unsinkable man they call Boy

There once was a man they call Cisco
Who lived in the era of disco
He herds silly cats
That often go fat
In the marketplace neighborhood Frisco

There still is a man I call dad
Whose geek cred is really quite rad
The comics, books, shows,
And movies he knows
Can make any geek daughter glad