Summer Surprise: #SummerFeels Cover Reveal!

Summer Feels Romance Anthology Cover Reveal

Hi, everyone!

Yeah, I haven’t been around much, have I? Sorry about that—I got distracted by paperwork, work (the kind that makes me money), and more work (the kind that doesn’t make me money yet, but hopefully will because I love doing it).

Gotta say, though: all the stress is worth it for moments like this: having my name appear alongside other super-talented writers for a special summer romance anthology.

Folks, I’m excited to present:

Summer Feels Romance Anthology Cover Reveal

But first, about the book:

Summer Feels

A #romanceclass anthology
Genre: Romance
Release Date: April 30, 2017

Summer loving happens so fast, as you’ll find with Summer Feels, an anthology of 23 stories of love under the summer sun by #romanceclass authors. Savor the candied thrill of firsts—first loves, first kisses, first solo vacations—and the bittersweet triumph of second chances. Tour the Philippines as the stories take you to mountain retreats and island paradises. Let the magic of the hot sun, clear blue skies, and lots of love take you on a roller coaster ride of feels. With stories ranging from sweet to sexy, there’s sure to be something for any fan of romance.

Edited and compiled by Kate Sebastian

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(Late) Review: Instructions on How to Disappear

I’ve been doing a whole lot of poetry for this blog, and not enough prose. I figured I should do something different for this post, and do a book review again.

I actually finished reading this book back in December; but between holiday chores and career transition tasks (I was switching from “employed content optimization manager” to “self-employed writer/editor”, which entailed a ridiculous amount of paperwork), I never got around to finishing a review draft I was satisfied with.

I eventually realized that I will never be satisfied (cue Hamilfan jeering), because I don’t think I can write a review that can justify how good I think “Instructions on How to Disappear” by Gabriela Lee is. So I might as well just post my ramblings and be done with it.

The final story, which gave the book its title, was actually a piece I’d read before—it was originally included in an anthology of speculative fiction. But I absolutely think it’s her best work and deserves its place as the collection’s coup de gras. The exploration of heartbreak and the state of fragility we all go through in its wake is truly masterful.

I’m getting ahead of myself, though. There are other stories in this book, stories that lead you to consider the horror of love and the nature of truth; memories and how they make us (or destroy us). They have dragons and monsters and destiny, advanced technology and strange fantasy.

One of my favorites is “This Side of the Looking Glass”, in which a girl is allowed to live a different version of her life. It’s a lovely exploration of how events in our lives shape us, and how “better” really is a matter of perspective.

Another is “Tabula Rasa”, in which the act of making love leads to stolen memories and how this loss becomes loss of self and ultimately the loss of being.

Finally, there is “Eyes Wide as the Sky”, in which there are literal ghosts of the past and questions on how far people are willing (or should be willing) to go in the name of survival.

These are the kinds of stories that inspire quiet contemplation after the first read, and languid savoring at the second (I assure you, you’ll want to read these stories again and again). This is the kind of book that you need to devour late at night, in the soft glow of warm lamplight with a rich chocolate drink spiked with liquor, when the shadows settle over your shoulders.

I highly recommend reading this book, especially when you’re in a pensive mood.

Copies  of “Instructions on How to Disappear” can be found in National Bookstore and Fully Booked. Alternatively, you can buy it by emailing the publisher: You can also visit the author’s website: Sometimes Sunlight.

Finished Reading: Janus Silang Books 1 and 2

ReadinginBetween_ Janus Silang Books 1 and 2

This is going to be a first for me: I’m reviewing TAGALOG work.

I typically don’t do that because, despite being a Filipino living in the Philippines, I’m not all that fluent in Tagalog (or any of the many dialects of our country). I have trouble immersing myself in non-English work, and am always afraid that I won’t do the review justice.

But then I read Janus Silang Books 1 and 2. And while I can’t really say I’ll be able to offer comprehensive review of this local YA series, I can make up for it in fangirling. Because holy crap, these books are amazing AND THE SERIES ISN’T DONE YET. I’m also looking forward to some proper English translations for the benefit of my non-Filipino friends.

ReadinginBetween_ Janus Silang Books 1 and 2

PS: In light of this deviation from my usual readings, I won’t be following my usual review format and will instead go a little more freestyle than usual.

But there might still be spoilers, so if you’re still interested – I’ll see you after the jump 😀

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Reviewing: Paper Planes Back Home

ReadinginBetween_Paper Planes Back Home on Kindle

Tara Frejas is a magical writer and everyone should read her work. Seriously.

I struggled with writing this review, not just because a bunch of life stuff (and laziness) happened but also because it’s hard to find the words to describe the experience of reading Frejas’ work. I was so very tempted to just keep my review along the lines of “For the love of god, just read it!” because it’s literally the best way to understand why her stories are amazing, but I knew that wouldn’t work for a lot of people looking for their next read.

Which is why I’m here. I’m just a fan, standing in front of other readers, begging them to read Paper Planes Back Home.

ReadinginBetween_Paper Planes Back Home on Kindle

I highly recommend this to people who need to feel happy again. Wanna find out why?

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