You Learn – A Poem + Updates

ReadinginBetween_You Learn Poem

Note: I’m possibly overtaxing myself by putting out a poem this week despite being so exhausted, but this needs to be done. If there’s anything I’ve learned over the last few weeks, it’s the necessity of inertia in the formation of habit.

Of course, it would have been much easier for me to get this poem out if I hadn’t signed up for not one but TWO online classes over the last week or so—a Poetry Workshop and an Online Engagement for Fiction Writing Workshop. This is, of course, on top of my meager efforts at promoting the #ABookForAnEBook project (which also incidentally lets you have access to my first published short story). I’ll be at the MIBF tomorrow, by the way, offering 1-card tarot readings to folks who choose the #StrangeLit bundles in exchange for their donated books.

But back to the poem: I’m doing this, despite my exhaustion, because I promised myself I’d try to step up my creative writing no matter how swamped I get with work. Because I need this for soul replenishment. And this is good practice.

Do you think this is a good idea, or is it bad idea? Feel free to let me know!

ReadinginBetween_You Learn Poem

You learn to


and clasp


and clap.


You learn to

watch the world

to laugh

to snap.


You learn to


and read the other’s ways.


You learn to

feed the beast

of public gaze.


You learn to

sing their songs to get



You learn to lose yourself just to belong.

This Is What Procrastination Does to Me

I was SUPPOSED to post the Skin Game review today, except I haven’t really written it yet.

Rather, I have drafted the notes but I haven’t really cleaned them up because PROCRASTINATION. There is no defense this time. I have allowed the Gods of Laziness and Distractions to take over my life. Granted, my distractions included things like making progress in video games in my backlog mountain, sleep, and Doctor Who; but I really have no good excuse for havign that up.

I really suck
I really do.

I haven’t even caught up with my personal emails yet, because didn’t check them over the weekend. And now I’m busy with my day job. Yaaaaaaay me.

I’ll try to get the review out by tomorrow (even if it means losing sleep tonight). But right now it’s job stuff with the occasional peek into Kotaku and the apparently terrifying world of politics in the SF/F writing world. I’m not kidding; it looks like no one can enjoy writing SF/F anymore because politics kept being dragged into the fore. D:

Heh. Even procrastination stresses me out

Ah well. *dives back out* 

Busy Day Vacation Edition

Yep, I’m posting early there’s no Fanfiction Friday today – mainly because I’ve decided to maximize my vacation by spending it the way any vacation should be spent: either sleeping on the couch or pigging out with my family.

Of course, I’ll still do important things like pay bills and such; but it’ll mostly be made up of eating and sleeping. As my friends and I would say, “buhay sawa” (it means “living like a boa constrictor”/”living like a snake”).

After a nightcap, it's time for some torpor

This doesn’t mean that I won’t be writing. It just means I won’t be blogging for the rest of the weekend; I’ll limit most of my writing to my notebooks. Can’t really rest when I’m worried about stuff happening online, can I? In fact, I’m thinking of scaling back on my blog posting in the coming weeks. I’ve gotten my targets for this quarter, and it looks like I’ll be swamped.

Which is good, because I need the money. 🙂

See you in a couple of days, folks! 🙂

Busy Days

Ah, it’s one of those days – you’re extremely busy because you’re about to have a 4-day weekend and you suddenly have to finish a crapload of stuff before you get to enjoy your vacation. Ah, real life.

That’s why I won’t be able to give you a substantial post today. What I can give you is reading material from OTHER websites.

Okay, just one website.

Good Luck Sleeping, Guys.