Get Free (e)Books for Your Old Tree Books!


Okay guys, here are the official details—as I mentioned in my previous poetic post, you can get a free ebook storybundle for any fiction/biography tree book (that’s regular books, y’all). Remember to ask for the #StrangeLit bundles, where my short story about a girl, earthquakes, and mysterious strangers can be found!

Or, if you’re not into that kind of thing, you can find other stories and other genres too—Romance, YA, and more!


You can learn more about this project via the Official #ABookForAnEBook post on the Buqo blog.

Seriously, this is an AWESOME initiative. The books you donate will be given to libraries (thus spreading more readable joy to more people), and you get more stuff to read for FREE. It’s a win-win sitch!

So if you’re in Manila from September 16-20, 2015, don’t hesitate to drop off those tree books in exchange for ebooks. Who knows? You might discover your new favorite stories there. 🙂

Cheers, you guys!

Reblogged: Typhoon Yolanda – How WE can help. Because crying about it certainly won’t.

Over at Another Coconut (which I nominated for a VBA), there is a post about helping the victims of the recent super typhoon that hit our country.

It has been scientifically proven that contributing to charity has positive effects on your well-being. It also automatically makes you an awesome person instead of a person who just PRETENDS to be awesome.

So pick an organization, and do something.

Kyle's Corner

I know that not a lot of people read this blog (I have like, what, five or six viewers, myself included?), but I feel that it’s my responsibility to at least START doing something instead of looking at all of the pictures and videos and newscasts and heart-wrenching messages of the survivors and FEELING bad.

And if I could get even just *one* person to donate because of this post, then this post was worth it.

Fuck all that talk about the “indomitable Filipino spirit”, that’s bullshit we say to make ourselves feel better and you KNOW it. This isn’t the time for rhetoric and feel-good speeches, it’s the time for action. We say that we care so much about our fellowmen on social media – now’s the time to step up and PROVE it in real life.

Here’s a compilation of all the links I see popping up on…

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