Recently Watched: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Musical (Tour Edition)

This was supposed to have been the “project” that I finished last week, except life happened (which led me to drink considerable amounts of alcohol every day after my shift at work – but we can talk about my descent into stress-triggered alcoholism some other time – and caused my immune system to crash). Yes, I’m making excuses for my bad creative/blogging habits. I’m trying not to feel too guilty about it, otherwise I might abandon this blog completely. But this is here now, and I’m planning to post another project by the end of the week. Probably not a writing thing, though.

I basically shat bricks when I found out that a touring production of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” was coming to the Philippines, because this is my favorite animated fairy tale EVER. Why wouldn’t it be? Belle is basically my avatar.

Immense love for books? CHECK.

Kooky, near-genius father? CHECK.

Mild discomfort over being generally considered attractive but weird at the same time? YOU BETCHA.

I will read out excerpts from this book I'm reading. Whether you want to hear it or not.
I will read out excerpts from this book I’m reading.
Whether you want to hear it or not.

Having wanted to see the stage version since I was a child, and having missed the local production back in 2005, I was determined to see this musical. So I snagged tickets for TWO different showings: one near the beginning of its run, and one midway through it.

This review is focused on the first time I saw it, on what seems to be their very first matinee performance.

The TL;DR version is this: Parts of it felt disjointed (probably because it’s different from the original production – you can check out excerpts on YouTube – and the cast was still trying to get its bearings), but it was still tons of fun.

Want more of the specifics? See them after the jump.

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