A Sense of Magic

I’ve always been escapist, but you can say that I’ve engaged in more escapism lately. Maybe it’s because I kept getting sick these last few months and even as a child I tended to reach out for books, films, TV shows, and video games with Sci Fi and Fantasy elements when I get ill.

So it really shouldn’t surprise me that I’m currently on the lookout for books that involve magic. Currently, I’m reading “The Magician’s Land”. I plan to read “The Name of the Wind” afterwards, then “The Paper Magician” and “Wheel of the Infinite” (thanks, K!), before picking up “Mistborn” again.

Stories you love to read
They’re some of THOSE.

Yay, magic.

But just in case I finish those before I kick my cough/cold/asthma completely, I’d like to know: what books would you recommend in this genre? The more contemporary, the better.

Heck, what do YOU think are the best and most interesting novels with magical elements?

Thanks for the recommendations!

Not My Fanfiction Friday: The Source of All Things

Once again, I find myself unable to write something for this blog because a bunch of other stuff got in the way – I had to choose between writing for this space or writing more stuff in my notebook for the superhero thing. I ended up going for the superhero.

But I can’t leave you without something to enjoy today, so I’m going to share with you one of my absolute favorite pieces of Gundam Wing fanfiction, by a fic author who calls herself Maldoror. WARNING: This is slash, and it’s INCOMPLETE. But it’s such good FANTASY that I still feel the need to share it with people. I mean, come on. The Zero System as a freaking SPELL? How awesome is that?

Gundam Wing Custom MG
Pretty Damn Awesome (Photo credit: awee_19)

I almost wish that it were an original work instead, but I don’t know how that would have worked.

Still here? Great! Without further ado, I give you the oldie but goodie fic that is The Source of All Things.

I hope you enjoy this monster of a fantasy work as much as I still do! 🙂