Season of Spice

It’s the season of spice; of warm, sharp flavors!

I write this at a coffee shop for posting later. Keep burning my tongue with this holiday tea latte, but I don’t care. 

That just adds to the magic of it all. The tingling of my tongue is not the urge to speak, but the need to stay behind teeth.

Another sip. The fireplace sensation consumes me.

Writing Challenge 24 – My Favorite Holiday

At the risk of sounding cliche, I’m admitting that my absolute favorite holiday is Christmas.

A Christmas Tree
And may the spirit of Christmas be always in our hearts, no matter how hot or humid it gets over here. Image from

It’s partly because of the presents, but that’s not exactly it. My primary reason for loving the Christmas season, and it’s a great big honking excuse for my favorite family members to get together and gorge on food. I think I’m extra-excited these days because there are toddlers involved, neither of which are mine. I can coo over them all I want (because my nephews are absolutely adorable), but at the end of the day, they’ll still be going home with their parents.

Hey, don’t judge me. I know I’m not parent material. I’m more like the weirdo cool aunt who shows every once in a while.

But back to Christmas. It’s definitely my favorite holiday. I go as far as dressing up like a weird elf-sized female Santa on my last day at work for that holiday (I tend to file for fairly long vacations between Christmas and New Year). Yes, I really do that. No, I am not posting pictures.

So yeah. My favorite holiday is Christmas–I just have a blast with it.