Quick Note

Kindness is still worth it.

A reminder to self:

Kindness is still worth it.

Hate has not won.

There is still hope cracking open, like a seed defying drought.

There is love. You can make it. All you need is faith.

In people, in you, is the chance to be great.

So take it and be grateful.

Continue to be kind.

Remember the fig tree and the vine.

Some Thanks and a Poem

To all the folks who responded to my request for help, thank you! 🙂  Based on your recommendations, I’m going to call this new category for my posts…”WriteInBetween”!

All my frightening attempts at writing fiction and poetry will be placed under its category (someday, I might build a separate blog for posts like this).  You, of course have been warned.

That being said, here’s the very first piece I’m going to post on this blog.  May god have mercy on our sanities.



Soothing cool black

bitterness on my tongue

In the ridges of

my palate,

minnowing disappointment


my larynx


my throat

Burning acrimony in the belly

of my toothless pride


You wonder

at my eyes of molten stone


like a sleeping cat,

stretches between your world and mine

Scratching at my ankles

Asking me to stay

(Telling me to leave?)

The sun warms the air and

I feel myself kneaded

Rising like dough

(Who else here writes poetry?  I’d like to see your work!)

Poetry From Two Margins

This was originally posted in July 23, 2009, as part of the original Reading in Between blog (which went a little off-track).

As of late, I have been feeling the very mild melancholy that often creeps up on a person during the rainy season – and indeed, it is very rainy this season.  Perhaps the melancholy is far more persistent these days because the weather has acquired a rather distressing habit of alternating between sunny and rainy within a span of approximately twelve daylight hours.  Being rather sensitive to all sorts of things (even though I could be insensitive when it comes to a whole lot of other things too), I often find myself needing to find ways to make the melancholy go away.  Usually the most effective tactic for me is reading one particular poem by Maya Angelou.

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