On Things That Happen

Things happen.

You can get sick (which was why there was no poem last week), or get emotionally involved in news (between Brexit, gun control, and apparent controversies involving our new president, I get exhausted), or even initiate rescue missions (forced to foster kittens we can’t keep to save them from the streets).

They’re up for adoption! We can’t keep ’em! Adopt, don’t shop!

But people like us, we have to keep moving forward. Squint at a shimmering horizon. Have faith that it’s not a mirage in the desert of overwhelm.
There are things that happen. They happen to me, they happen to you. Folks who say that we bring all things upon ourselves are bullshitters, because lots of things are beyond our control and trying to avoid them is not living. Things happen.

Either embrace every wonderful, terrible second of it, or quit the world.

Yay, Asthma

Typing this on my phone on my way home from the pulmonologist. Got some really bad cold and coughing situations over the last few days, and it’s all because of my good friend asthma. Okay, the doc said it was allergic rhinitis. Either way, I got new meds that will finally let me sleep at night.
Seriously though. Yay asthma.
I better go rest.

On Home Epidemics

I’m pretty sure everyone’s experienced home epidemics before. Whether you’re living with your family, like I am (I know, I’m THIRTY – but it’s really not that weird here in the Philippines), or living with roommates, you’re bound to have gone through having a bug circulating through your household like some weird small-scale death curse. Last week, I had to deal with a stomach flu that also took down my mother and sister, and I had a really bad cold the weekend before that (which my brother seems to have picked up as well last week). Then my mom had a conjunctivitis scare (I suspect it wasn’t really sore eyes, despite the eye redness and pain/itchiness), and my cold seems to have gotten retriggered. My brother sounds like he hasn’t gotten oven the cold he’d had since last week too.

As I write this, I’m snorting as much mucus as I can to prevent nasal leakage – I know it’s not helping me any, but I also don’t exactly want to litter my work desk with used tissues, no matter how much tissue I actually have there from takeout food. Yes, I munch while I’m working. No, it’s not sad.

And before you ask: no, handkerchiefs are not an option, because while I’m a slob, I don’t exactly want to carry a snotty piece of cloth around with me either.

Then again...(thanks, SomeEcards!)
Then again…(thanks, SomeEcards!)

I suppose the home epidemic we just suffered could be blamed on the fact that the weather here was really bad for two weeks, with rain and gloominess all around. It didn’t help that it was also rather humid, and at least two family members go to offices that tend to have some FREEZING airconditioning systems that we can’t really complain about because they’re set on those temperatures for a reason (typically so that the whole office could enjoy it and so the computers won’t overheat). It also probably doesn’t help that we tend to sleep in the same room these days so we can save money on electricity.

Huh. I guess I can ultimately blame the snowball effect of this epidemic on Meralco.

So in conclusion:

  • I’ve been sick for about two weeks and will likely be sick in varying degrees for the next few weeks
  • Sleeping in the same room with other sick people is a bad idea, even if hospitals say you can do it
  • We probably wouldn’t be in this mess if the power monopoly here wasn’t run by total dicks

I better take another Neozep right now and slather myself in White Flower when I get home. I have a shit-ton of reading and writing to catch up to, and I’m hoping to see Ninja Turtles on Friday despite the bad reviews.


How do you guys deal with home epidemics, when you’re also trying to stay within a budget (and can you still enjoy reading and writing under the circumstances)?

The Curse of the Stomach Flu

Didn’t want to miss a day of posting, but couldn’t actually think of anything to post because I’m in so much pain oTL

There’s a stomach bug going around here at home, and let’s just say that late night upchucking is a horrible thing. I ended up not being able to go to work in favor of sleeping and trying to get rid of as much of this bug as I can so I can go back to work tomorrow.

In the meantime, Dresden and conversations with interesting writer people will help me get through this. I hope you guys (whoever you are) have a better day than this.


A Few Health Concerns

I’ve always had some health issues that occasionally get in the way of my ability to do stuff that I like, which includes eating cantaloupes (I developed allergies to that as an adult; a shame, considering my love for it) and eating ridiculous amounts of coffee (I had to stop it because I developed a mild case of GERD). I also have the unfortunate tendency to feel unwell whenever we experience extreme weather changes – unfortunate because I live in the Philippines, and the weather here is moodier than a chemically-unbalanced teenager. I’m not even getting into the asthma I still occasionally suffer from, a condition that will POSSIBLY give me heart problems somewhere down the road.

What worries me now is that, over the last year or so, my blood tests have been coming back with signs of anemia – which, I suppose, explains why I get headaches more frequently and why my hands and feet get so cold so very easily. On its own, I don’t think it’s all that bad. But in conjunction with the other stuff I have going on, I’m starting to find it terrifying – especially since it might affect my ability to work later on in life, and I KNOW that I will need to work until my death given our economic situation in the context of our country (look, I know that our economy’s doing better; I’m just not in a position to get all that money for my skill set). In a much more petty scale, I’m afraid that this combination of problems will force me to stop drinking Coke for the rest of my life – as it is, the fact that I need to stop drinking it for a few days while I deal with a private infection is driving me up the wall).

I really suck
I really do.

I really REALLY hope this doesn’t affect the coverage I want for the life insurance plan I’m trying to get.

And I really hope that this won’t stop me from being able to work in the company I’m currently working for anytime soon. This place has GREAT health benefits that I can extend to both my parents, and offers really good pay for a job that lets you work with people that are intelligent in a way that makes me happy.

Theoretically, I should live healthier so I can stop worrying about this stuff. Then again, it’ll probably just make me worry about food and exercise needlessly (which can’t be good for me either).

Ah, well.