Writing Challenge 3 – 3 Fears

I am, sadly, still not up for much posting today (at least, nothing that’s particularly clever), but at least I have enough energy to do part three of MechanisticMoth’s Writing Challenge (you can find part 2 of the challenge here).


Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society…* MY TOP THREE FEARS!

Fear Number 1:  Flying Roaches

Cockroach of Fear
Okay, I lied. It’s scary even when it’s NOT flying.

Why?  LOOK AT IT.  Tell me that doesn’t freak you out.

Even worse, it’s HARD TO KILL.  I’m telling you, my mother, my sister, and I all are more than justified for locking ourselves in a room when there’s a roach flying or roaming around the house (*cough* hypothetically speaking).  And don’t scoff, gentlemen.  You may smirk at us as you bring out your slippers and/or insecticide sprays, but I’ve seen some of you run for the hills when these things start flying.

And when it flies against your face?  *shudder*

Fear Number 2:  The Dark

Never Alone in the Dark
Because this guy is always there. LURKING IN THE DARK.

That image says it all, really.  Anything and anyone can come get you in the quiet dark, while you’re asleep.  This is why I never sleep without the television on (don’t worry, I put it on sleep timer so it’ll turn itself off).  This is also why I try to keep all limbs on the bed/couch just in case there are boogeymen who want to pull me under.

Please don’t judge me.

Fear Number 3:  A Blank MS Word Page

Blank MS Word Page
Probably the bane of any writer.

Listen:  I’m actually supposed to be writing something important today.  I even know exactly what I’m supposed to be writing.  But, for some reason, I can’t get anything on the page.  It’s just staring at me.  Mocking.  It makes me want to break down in tears (until somebody gave me ANOTHER task, which didn’t involve any writing while making me feel productive at the same time).  So I’ve managed to escape this fear…FOR NOW.

*This line was, of course, taken from an old TV show called “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” in which adolescents of all shapes and sizes gather around a campfire and tell stories.  Yes.  I’m THAT OLD.  (Incidentally, I want to know what they throw into those campfires to make they go “whoosh” in such a dramatic fashion.  I refuse to believe it’s just sugar.)

What are YOU guys scared of?