This Is What Procrastination Does to Me

I was SUPPOSED to post the Skin Game review today, except I haven’t really written it yet.

Rather, I have drafted the notes but I haven’t really cleaned them up because PROCRASTINATION. There is no defense this time. I have allowed the Gods of Laziness and Distractions to take over my life. Granted, my distractions included things like making progress in video games in my backlog mountain, sleep, and Doctor Who; but I really have no good excuse for havign that up.

I really suck
I really do.

I haven’t even caught up with my personal emails yet, because didn’t check them over the weekend. And now I’m busy with my day job. Yaaaaaaay me.

I’ll try to get the review out by tomorrow (even if it means losing sleep tonight). But right now it’s job stuff with the occasional peek into Kotaku and the apparently terrifying world of politics in the SF/F writing world. I’m not kidding; it looks like no one can enjoy writing SF/F anymore because politics kept being dragged into the fore. D:

Heh. Even procrastination stresses me out

Ah well. *dives back out* 

Laziness Has Won

…sort of.

As you can see, there is no actual Fanfiction Friday today. Why? Because I was too lazy to write anything this week. I’m not blaming the rain for this, or the fact that I have my day job to worry about (because it’s totally my fault that I have extra work to do today on account of not paying close attention to what I was doing over the last few days – I have to double-check everything I’ve done). I’m admitting that I’ve let laziness win, and the consequences have affected this blog’s regular schedule.

Happy Koala
King Koala Approves

Strangely enough, I’m okay with this. I’m just taking a deep breath and then trying again. No use crying and all that jazz.

For now I’ll focus on regrouping, picking up a pen, and then trying to mind map my notes again.

But before I go, I gotta ask: what do you folks do when you get hit by the lazies?

A Personality Shiz

Okay, I cheated. I was supposed to write something more intelligent today, but then I got distracted and I realized that I haven’t thought of anything yet. Thankfully, I rediscovered my love for personality tests.

This post was inspired by my dear friend Ren (OHAI!), who shared her numerology profile yesterday – she turns out to be a “9”, and she agreed with some of the descriptions detailed by the site she went to. It got me thinking of my OWN number profile – it’s based on your birthday – and wondered what it had to say about my inclinations.

I did the math, found out I was a “5”, and here is what it says about it me…

Thomas William Hiddleston
Yes, I’m serious about this – stop looking at me like that, Thomas.

The whole thrust of my life experience is changefreedom, and physicality

Wait, what? Okay, I understand the freedom thing. I don’t particularly like it when people tell me what to do – I’d prefer that they tell me what needs to be done (YES, THERE IS A DIFFERENCE) and that I do my own thing. And maybe I can see the whole bit about change – I do tend to be ridiculously resilient when it comes to adjusting to changes (not that I don’t complain about it). But the last one? Come on, numerology! Are you kidding me?

I am the least physical person I know apart from my dad, who still kind of trumps me because he still goes out to buy ciggies every once in a while. My sister stays at home with a CAT (cat lovers will understand the LAZINESS these creatures can inflict on their beloved humans), and she still engages in more exercise than I do – for example, she has this habit of walking around the dining table while listening to her old iPod. My brother, as far as I know, made it a habit to have a swim every so often at the condominium pool. Mom and the stepdad have this treadmill thing in their room, which I assume they use every few days or so.

I just tend to park myself on the couch to write, read, watch the telly, or do something with the ridiculous amount of yarn I managed to accrue over the years. Me, move? HAH.

I need to learn how to concentrate

*looks at the mountain of books, notebooks, pens, shows, projects, and games* Okay, numerology. You have a point.

For NOW.

I keep making the same mistakes over and over again

*looks at pile of unfinished stories and the line of people she’s offended* That…that might be more than a little bit accurate.

I’m meant to travel far away from my birthplace

Ohgod, really? I don’t even have a passport and local plane rides terrify me. I’m sure I have allergies yet undiscovered. Also, see the bit about REALLY liking the couch. Nope, not gonna happen magic numbers people. Not ever. I’m staying right here. I have enough great adventures when I go on the Internet.

Unless what you meant by traveling is “surfing the world wide web”, I’m not sure how this could ever be right.

I tend to overindulge in things that can get really extreme

So the profile listed examples of things that can get really extreme. Like food, alcoholic beverages, gambling, drugs, and sex. Hm.

  1. I have stomach issues, so I’ve learned to moderate my food intake.
  2. Again, I have stomach issues–so I’ve learned to moderate my alcohol intake (I only binge one day a year, usually during the Christmas/New Year holiday).
  3. While I’m not really poor, I’m not all that rich either; so gambling is just way too risky for me (no thanks).
  4. Let’s just say I had a VERY traumatic experience involving drugs and a loved one, so I’m not trying that for myself (though I’m okay with other people indulging in it).
  5. It’s kinda hard to find the time to, when you have other stuff you need to do (I know, TMI–sorry, Mom).

It’s likely that I’ll get married and have children early

I’m almost 30. What the hell?

I make promises that I have trouble keeping

*looks at unfinished projects* Dammit!

I tend to be over-involved when it comes to other people’s needs 

I admit to being the type of person who gets hung up on other people’s issues because I really, honestly care about them. I admit that this makes me pushy in all the wrong ways, and it also distracts me from what I should be really doing at that point in time. I recognize that about myself. I know that I can take things too far. I’m trying to rectify it and figure out a way to balance things out, so I can help the people I love and still make sure I have time and resources for myself so I won’t resent the shit out of the world.

Touche, personality shiz.

I tend to be impatient, and leave before anything really begins

I’m impatient, yes. But I’M ALSO TOO LAZY TO LEAVE. Of course, that also means that I’m too lazy to properly finish anything outside of work.

I really suck
I really do.

My verdict? I guess it’s close enough–but no real dice, bub.

Has anyone else here tried numerology? What’s your number (here’s the site I used)? Was it right or wrong about you?