Make Magic – A Poem

ReadinginBetween_Make Magic Poem

Note: I was supposed to edit this poem last night, but then Alan Rickman died. WHAT IS IT WITH THIS WEEK AND CANCER TAKING AWESOME BRITS AWAY? 😦 Nevertheless, I realized that this is a nice tribute to Rickman’s Snape (although really my favorite role of his was Dr. Lazarus in Galaxy Quest—by Grabthar’s Hammer!).



hold, within
that breath, the twinkle
of a wish
in cinder.
Feed it,
shape it with air, hold
within that mind
the heft of liquid will
in hands curled as if
the weight of dreams
already are.

Hold, within.


A Sense of Magic

I’ve always been escapist, but you can say that I’ve engaged in more escapism lately. Maybe it’s because I kept getting sick these last few months and even as a child I tended to reach out for books, films, TV shows, and video games with Sci Fi and Fantasy elements when I get ill.

So it really shouldn’t surprise me that I’m currently on the lookout for books that involve magic. Currently, I’m reading “The Magician’s Land”. I plan to read “The Name of the Wind” afterwards, then “The Paper Magician” and “Wheel of the Infinite” (thanks, K!), before picking up “Mistborn” again.

Stories you love to read
They’re some of THOSE.

Yay, magic.

But just in case I finish those before I kick my cough/cold/asthma completely, I’d like to know: what books would you recommend in this genre? The more contemporary, the better.

Heck, what do YOU think are the best and most interesting novels with magical elements?

Thanks for the recommendations!