Writing Challenge 25 – A Confession

I have a confession to make.

I think I might be having some kind of mild nervous breakdown.

Empty room
There’s nothing I’d like more than to shut myself in a room like this so I can be left alone.

This has happened to me before. I won’t get into the nitty-gritties; but I’m willing to say that I’ve hit some emotional point that makes me want to just withdraw from some aspects of my life. I feel like I only have so much energy to expend, and that what little energy I have needs to be used for getting better as a person/professional. Writing helps, both in notebooks and this blog. Cutting back on social networks wherein I tend to be very emotionally involved also helps. Recalibrating the way I handle my job, doing one task at a time instead of worrying about all the tasks I’m yet to do, keeps me grounded to a certain extent.

There’s a confession or two related to this confession.

First, I don’t know what triggers this sort of feeling in me. One day, I’m fine; the next day (and for a while after that), the most I can do is repost and like stuff my friends post.

Second, I am very much aware of the irony of being active in blogging when I mostly want to be left alone. But I also know that withdrawing completely could not be healthy for me. And it’s not like I want to be COMPLETELY unavailable to my friends. I just want some breathing space while I’m panicking.

My only solace at the moment is that this mood will likely drive me to do more personal writing, which I feel I haven’t been doing enough of.

That last one? Is probably also a confession.

Writing Challenge 11 – How I’m Feeling Right Now

How I’m feeling right now? Talk about a difficult writing challenge! I think this question is problematic. You’re asking a person to name emotions here, and the sad fact is that some of those things are nameless.¬†And even if they DO have names, the mish-mash of sensation can sometimes get so tangled that you can’t even tell where the ends and the beginnings are. How can you explain a landscape numbness with a river of anxiety running right through it, occasionally interrupted by a seedling of an impulse to laugh, boulders of frustration, and ghosts of guilt, specters of regret? It’s not sadness. It’s not depression. It’s closer to hysterical loss–except¬†that I haven’t actually lost anything that I value.

The frightening thing, the most frightening thing is that I’m starting to wonder if this is some form of premonition. What if how I’m feeling right now is due to the fact that something WILL happen in the future? But I know that it doesn’t make sense. This is the real world. NOTHING REALLY MAKES SENSE HERE, no matter how often we insist that it does. Thinking that I feel this way right now because something is going to happen will only make sense if I were The White Queen, who lives backwards through time. And I’m pretty sure I’m not.

The White Queen, Burton
Wouldn’t mind if I were the Burton White Queen, though (image c/o Wikipedia)

I’m not like this all the time, you know. More often than not, I’m more than a little chipper. Annoyingly so, if I think about it. But once in a while, I’ll run out of that high…

Maybe it’d be simpler to say that what I’m feeling right now is a low. Like the sound of a double bass sustained and quivering, waiting to fade into the air, into silence.