Here Comes a Thought…

Occasionally, I get a gray day. One of those days that start out okay, but then something—a sudden thought or memory—gets me down, and a dusky twilight kind of feeling takes over.

I can smile, I can work through it for a while, but eventually I’d have to take a break and do things other than writing or crocheting. Most other gray days, I eat and sleep.

Today, I fished out my watercolors, brush pens, and doodle tools to design a poster for myself.

Not as pretty as other people’s typography work, I must confess. But working on it put me in a flow state, and I can feel a little sunshine coming back.

Words in the poster aren’t mine, by the way. They belong to Rebecca Sugar, creator of the phenomenal cartoon Steven Universe, and are lyrics to the song “Here Comes a Thought”.

What words would you put on a poster to get you out of a gray day?