Because There Were No Poems Last Week

…and I’ve been too busy/tired/sick to write anything that I think is worth sharing, I’m just gonna invite you guys to pre-order Piece by Piece. You have until Saturday Manila time to reserve your copies!

I’m proud to say that I helped this project along by running a workshop for people who were interested in poetry, but didn’t know where to begin (or weren’t sure if they were doing it right). Their work can be found behind this book’s pretty cover.
Fun fact: the lovely cover was by Ruel Domdom, one of the most talented artists I know. He’s also a really good SEO Analyst/Excel Wizard. Look him up! Pay for his art! 😊

This book also wouldn’t have happened if Ms. Marigold Uy didn’t push for it; so thank heavens for her. If you need to have a book formatted, I encourage you guys to find her and pay her to do it.

Support poets, everyone! Please buy this book. 💃

Project: Making Time

ReadinginBetween_Fire Emblem: Fates Promo Image

I should be reading something so I could write a book review (I’m so sorry, Love Your Frenemies! I’ll get back to you…eventually), but instead I’m playing Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright.

Check it out; it’s an AMAZING game.

ReadinginBetween_Fire Emblem: Fates Promo Image
SO MANY SHIPS TO SHIP. Also, great gameplay.

Having said that, there’s also the matter of feeling drained:

  • My job, while not necessarily physically taxing, can be mentally exhausting
  • I’ve been getting asthma attacks for almost 2 weeks now, WTH
  • I had to basically rip apart and restructure an outline to finish my Project TIMES submission before our deadline
  • My cats are…they’re being my cats

And frankly, it’s hard to take a break because:

  • I actually love my job—working with keywords may not be your thing, but I find them interesting
  • The existence of no-drowse/low-drowse antihistamines means I have to keep going unless the attack requires the use of a nebulizer
  • Even though I’ve submitted my story, the work isn’t done—we need to promote the anthology*…and I volunteered to run a poetry workshop (more on that in another post)
  • One of my cats is sick, another one might POTENTIALLY get sick, and yet another one probably needs to get her shots AND get spayed

So what does this mean? This means that I have to actually MAKE time to plan out every dang thing I need to be doing for the next month or so. I might even read this book to get ideas on how to do that on a larger scale.

I’m not a scheduling kind of gal, but I think I need to start doing that right now because:

  • When I don’t have a schedule to follow, I tend to either derp around or overtax myself doing stuff for other people
  • It will force me to really think about what goals I need to prioritize, and what steps need to be taken to achieve those goals
  • I’ve developed the skill of telling the time based on TV shows crime channels, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing

I’ve tried this before, of course. But I FAILED. I need to know how to do this and STICK to it. You guys have any idea how we can get this done? Please let me know!

Help me, theoretical readers of this blog. You’re my only hope.

* Speaking of promotions: if you want to get a PHYSICAL copy of our Project: TIMES book Hearts for Sale, you can order it by clicking the caption of the image below. And, in case you’re interested in meeting the contributors, you can participate in our (totally introvert-friendly)  release party.

Click here to pre-order Hearts for Sale!

Picking at a Project Times Project

Reading in Between_Project Times curly redhead doodle

Have you ever been through the hell of redoing an outline for what feels like forever? You know, when you KNOW that you need to start writing the damn thing but your outline keeps pulling you back?

Yyyyeeeeaaaah, that’s me and my Project Times Project. I agreed to do it because Marigold, the girl spearheading this thing, is pretty darn awesome. And also, my un-chickening has fallen by the wayside and I need to do something to kick my own butt again.

And in theory, this is great. I’m finding myself jotting down notes and ideas when I have the time in my (admittedly insane 3 am to 2 pm) work schedule. And they’re really INTERESTING ideas because I have looming deadlines keeping things fresh. Some of you writerly folks might be able to relate.

In practice, I’m actually kicking myself way too hard. I’m all ideas and no forward motion. I don’t know how to sew these things into a cohesive narrative quilt. Every time I try to get into the writing phase, I either end up with more notes or a zoned-out phase that lead me incapable of complete sentences. And I give up to crochet/knit or doodle/paint instead.

Reading in Between_Project Times curly redhead doodle

Admittedly, doodles like this kind of inspire me and give me more idea-WHEN WILL THIS STOP?

I’m not the only one, am I? The kind of writer who is all ideas but can’t concentrate enough to follow through? I’m sure the other authors participating in this project are faring better than I am.

Heck, I bet YOU are better at this than I am. If you are, and you’re interested in joining—come on, the minimum length is 1000 words!—then reach out to the Project Times peeps. They’re really nice, and this is a really cool idea.

Gleefully suffer with me. 😀