Why Haven’t You Gotten A #StrangeLit Bundle Yet?


Oh my god, guys. GUYS. Why haven’t you gotten a #StrangeLit bundle yet?

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I know, it sounds oddly self-serving considering the fact that I was published in one of those bundles. But seriously, if you haven’t gotten at least one of those babies, WHY?

It’s not like you’ll be bored with these stories

There’s a reason why this series is called #StrangeLit—it covers some really interesting speculative fiction. They can cover anything!

One of my favorites so far is Den Lim’s “Intersection”, which follows a(n admirably entrepreneurial) vigilante and a girl out on a very weird mission.

Click on this image to find out what happens next on Wattpad, and follow Den! 😀

And then there’s Ysa Arcangel’s “Anathema”, the protagonist of which has to deal with some unpleasant experiences—and some unpleasant choices.

Click on this image to keep reading, and follow Ysa on Wattpad!

And then there’s my short story “Shake-Ups”—in which a young woman needs to make a choice in the face of some extraordinary family secrets.

Sadly, you’ll have to buy the #IncredibleTruths bundle to find out what the heck is happening here because the side story won’t be up on Wattpad until next month.

I promise you, there’s something for everyone here…provided they’re weird enough.

If you hang around my blog for the next week or so, you’ll be seeing even more #StrangeLit previews.

They’re not even hard to access

Sure, you can only read them via the Buqo App right now—but it’s really not that hard to use once you’ve downloaded it.

And it’s not like #StrangeLit books are super-expensive right now

Seriously, click the link above and see that a bundle won’t even cost you TWO DOLLARS. This is 90 Philippine pesos right at this moment, guys. You won’t go poor if you buy one (or all) of these. You won’t need to throw a fit over book prices the way this little boy did (sadly, no subtitles for my foreign readers).

But I must warn you—these won’t stay at Php 90/USD 1.95 forever. This is the soft launch price, and after October 24, 2015, you’ll probably have to shell out Php 250/USD 5.50 for each bundle. So what are you waiting for?


Unexpected Object Lust

Have you ever seen something that’s so useless (except peripherally), but so lovely that you literally stop going about your daily life just to share it with the rest of the world?

I have.  Many times, in fact.  But this is different, I swear.

It’s custom dust jackets for Young Adult books.  And the moment I saw them, I wanted them.

(And yeah, I wanted the Etsy pin that inspired them too.  But one thing at a time, please).

Given that I’ve had trouble with people who are judgmental over book choices and my own aversion to certain types of book covers (not to mention people who try to talk to me when I’m CLEARLY trying to read), I think these dust jackets are a perfect solution.

Fun Dust Jackets for Readers
I mean, who would dare disturb you now?*

My only beef with these is that they come in just one size.  But hey, I’m sure I can modify them to suit my needs.

Which ones are your favorite?  Do you have any other ideas for dust jackets?

Reading for the Little Ones

Yesterday was a very special day:  it was my eldest nephew Thor Adam’s very first birthday party!  I didn’t think I’d be so excited about having a one-year-old nephew; but I apparently underestimated the power of my uterus.  Yes, I’m blaming my lady bits for my manic obsession with the babies I’m related to.

But back to the subject – my eldest nephew has turned a year old, and I needed to get him a present.  So I got him a book.

What?  Of course I got him a book.  I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to turn anyone on to books.  And the way I see it, it’s better to start them off young.

So yeah, I got him a book.  But knowing very well that he can’t actually read yet, I went for a book that has the potential to turn him on to the CONCEPT of books.

Which is why I got him this:

On the Farm: A Touchy-Feely Book for Babies
Oh look! You don’t have to meet farm animals in order to touch them!

My adorable nephew may not know how to read yet, but I know for a fact that he likes feeling things up (okay, that sounded wrong – but you know what I mean!); under those circumstances, I thought that a book with lots of different textures has the best chance of  catching his attention.

I was right, by the way.

After his pre-party bath, he was handed over to me for some looking after (I should note right here that Thor only allowed it because he was too sleepy to realize that I was not his Mommy or Daddy; that darling boy can be fussy).  Using that as an opportunity to try out the book, I let him have a look (and a touch).

I discovered two things.  First:  it’s obvious that he likes the sheep page best.

The baby book page with a sheep on it.  It has a spot made of wool.

Second, it was pretty hard getting a picture of the actual event taking place when you’re holding a toddler steady on your lap with one hand while helping him turn the pages with another.  But since I was having so much fun watching him pull fake duckling feathers and tug at faux sheep wool, I couldn’t care less that we didn’t get pictures for posterity.

Thor celebrates Iron Man's defeat by holding the helmet between his legs.
But I did find this picture of him celebrating the defeat of Iron Man. His parents post the most awesome pictures on Facebook.

I’m hoping that his apparent interest in this book continues – because it’s a great first step towards making him a reader.  With all the awesome stuff you can get out of books, I really think helping kids love them is a great way to approach early education.

With this being an apparent success, I’m already thinking about the book I’m going to get for my OTHER nephew, Salmo Joel.  From what I can see, he likes sounds AND lights.

…do any of you guys know of of baby-friendly books that have either or both of those?

EDIT:  Thor’s mother reports that Thor loves the Farm book enough to stop fussing when it’s handed to him.  VICTORY! 🙂

Why I’m Only Posting Now (aka Problem with Being a Reader)

When DID I last post on this blog?  I think it was Christmas-ish?  Damn, that was months ago!

I have really good reasons for doing that, I promise.  At least, I think they are.  My ability to judge the value of things can be unreliable at best.  That being said, I believe the grounds for my absence are still valid – especially considering the fact that about half of it involves stuff that I can write about here (not that I’ve given myself time to write here).

If you’re curious, here’s the abridged version of my various distractions:

  • my brother bought me a doohickey that holds my books open (I will post more about it later), which got me reading tons of those bigger books I’ve been ignoring.
  • after enjoying said doohickey for about a month and a half, I broke down and finally bought myself a Kindle Touch via the awesome supplier NKRX (who I heard about through my friend Dana)…
  • then I proceeded to upload tons of books that I likely won’t be able to finish reading until my birthday
  • actually, I’m still putting books in my Kindle (which, by the way, I call “Del” after the Delirium/Delight character in Gaiman’s Sandman series; I feel the name is apt)
  • meanwhile, I have just finished reading all of The Dresden Files stories so far (Cold Days.  So far away!) and I have become so horribly addicted that I’m consoling myself with its entry on TVTropes.  And we all know what a time sink THAT site is.
  • The Night Circus ignited my fangirl mode too, but since it gave me proper closure, I’m doing nothing more than playing the promotional game associated with it (aside: more books should totally have something like this!)
  • I also happened to read the latest Sweet Valley book.  I am not linking to it because I never want to repeat that experience again.

As if that’s not enough:

  • my job as a copywriter has evolved in a way that has made it imperative for me to research topics I have never researched before
  • which is awesome, because I really like reading stuff about things I never really heard of before
  • but then it triggered a frenzy of reading articles related to business, productivity, technology, and the like (so hello GigaOm, LifeHacker, and Mashable)
  • it also got me a little hooked on sites that could potentially help me improve in my line of work (Contently and Copyblogger in particular are mesmerizing)
  • so, in an attempt to avoid becoming a total workaholic, I started reading stuff on BrainPickings.  Which was probably a mistake because now I can’t feel uplifted without it.
  • meanwhile, the creative writing bug gets a hold of me again, and now I’m obsessing over the details of this one idea for a novel that I’ve been tinkering with for the last year or so

Clearly, I have a huge reading problem that turns reading into a compulsion for me.

That’s not even bringing up my compulsive knitting/crocheting.  Or the growing number of Facebook games (AVENGERS ALLIANCE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?) I’ve been playing to help me get out of my funk.  Or even my love for the TV show Castle.

Anyway, that’s the reason why I haven’t been posting on this blog.  Jeez, I wonder if anyone else has this same kind of first world problem?