Writing Challenge Recap

Oh my god! I finally finished the Writing Challenge I nicked off Mechanistic Moth. I no longer have to live in shame!

Here’s a recap of the stuff I wrote for this:

  1. Full Name
  2. Zodiac
  3. 3 Fears
  4. 3 Things I Love
  5. My Best Friend
  6. Last Song I Listened To
  7. 4 Turn Ons
  8. 4 Turn Offs
  9. The Color of My Underwear
  10. The Tattoos/Piercings I have
  11. How I Feel Right Now
  12. Something I Really, Really Want
  13. My Current Relationship Status
  14. The Meaning Behind My URL
  15. My Favorite Movies
  16. My Favorite Songs
  17. My Favorite Bands
  18. 3 Things That Upset Me
  19. 3 Things That Make Me Happy
  20. What I Find Attractive in Other People
  21. Someone I Miss
  22. Someone I Love
  23. My Relationship with My Parents
  24. My Favorite Holiday
  25. A Confession
  26. 3 Things That Annoy Me Easily
  27. My Favorite Animal
  28. My Pets
  29. One Thing I’ve Lied About
  30. Something That’s Currently Worrying Me
  31. An Embarrassing Moment
  32. Where I Work
  33. Something That’s Constantly On My Mind
  34. 3 Habits I Have
  35. My Future Goals
  36. Something I Fantasize About
  37. My Favorite Stores
  38. My Favorite Food
  39. What I Did Yesterday
  40. Something I’m Talented At
  41. My Idea of a Perfect Date
  42. My Celebrity Crushes
  43. A Photo of Myself
  44. My Favorite Blogs

Oh god, what am I going to write about now? Ah, well. I guess I’ll have to figure something else out.