Writing Challenge 13 – My Current Relationship Status

This one’s easy – my current relationship status is “in a relationship”.

The boyfriend, circa 2010. Photo care of Marc Tan
With this guy. ❤ Photo care of Marc Tan, circa 2010.

And it’s a pretty good relationship, to boot. We celebrated four years together last February. Those years were spent laughing and geeking out over various things. We’re still laughing and geeking out over various things. I’m not sure when we’ll stop doing that. Not for a while yet, I hope.

Strangely enough, I think that this relationship lasted this long because of our compatible opinions over the subject of getting married. Most people our age (and we have a bit of an age difference, by the way; just don’t ask which one of us is older) are getting married – if they aren’t already married and having kids. Jie and I really can’t see ourselves doing that. We have different reasons, I’m sure, but in the end it’s still the same: we’re not the marrying types. It might change, it might not change. Maybe if it does change, it either only changes for one of us or would not change for us at the same time.

But I really don’t think it matters right now. We’re pretty happy the way we are, indulging each other’s quirks, acting as foil to the other as necessary, and making our expectations clear.

Bliss. ❤ Even Tom Hiddleston can’t top that.

PS: Jie enables my Hiddlestoner ways. That is more awesome than I can express in words.