Quick Note

Kindness is still worth it.

A reminder to self:

Kindness is still worth it.

Hate has not won.

There is still hope cracking open, like a seed defying drought.

There is love. You can make it. All you need is faith.

In people, in you, is the chance to be great.

So take it and be grateful.

Continue to be kind.

Remember the fig tree and the vine.

To Self, From Self

Dearest Self, Letter

Dearest Self,

Everything is fine, just fine.

You have been read and are not yet dead. For now, you are free enough to fail—endeavor to understand what that entails.

Mourn the past, fear the future, sew and unsew your emotional sutures. Roll the joys under your tongue.

Get some sunshine in your lungs.

Reminding you it’s not yet over. You’ll find another four-leaf clover.