Weird ASMR Adventures

Lately I’ve gotten into a routine that revolves around work, feeding animals, and sleeping.

The sleep doesn’t always come easily, so I watch ASMR videos. (For those of you who haven’t heard of it, here’s a pretty straightforward explanation of ASMR)

I have my go-to videos, of course; but once in while, they fail to work. My brain craves for something different. So I browse for other videos.

And I find gems like this one.

Parts of it are tingly-relaxing, to be sure. But then she makes hilarious references to Oregon Trail and the spell is broken. Of course, that’s technically one way to get myself to relax. Just not what I need when it’s 4:30 pm and you’ve been worrying about stuff at your job since 2:30 am. 😂

Mind you, it’s probably not as weird as candy store abductions. Not that there’s anything wrong with people who like those.

To each their own, for sure. What a strange a wonderful world we live in, yes?

I better get some sleep. A neurological exam ASMR video sounds pretty cool good right about now.

I Still Got Nothing

I promise, I was hoping that I could give you something more substantial today. I was planning to try and think of and something before 3 pm today.

But then my boyfriend told me to get some sleep because I was awake since 11 pm last night (as I type this, I realize I’ve been awake for more than 12 hours), and I only had four hours of blissful slumber prior to that period. Since I’m not in my early twenties anymore, this means that I can really feel the impact of this kind of abuse on my body.

Zombified Elea
When I remove the make-up I look as dead as I feel.

In other words, my boyfriend is right. I should get some sleep already. We all need enough sleep. I don’t care what other people say about lack of commitment anymore.

I’m going to sleep. Writing can wait for a little bit more.

Running on God-Knows-What

I’m typing this right before I go into my upcoming shift–which starts at one in the morning. By the time this gets published, I’ll be running on god-knows-what because I will have been awake for fourteen hours by then. FOURTEEN HOURS. Why do this, you ask? Because I need to do my job (2 am meetings are part of the job) and make sure that I can re-calibrate my body clock to go back to my usual hours for tomorrow.

Oh wait, I know what I’ll be running on by the time you read this. I’ll be running on fear because I’ll be watching The Conjuring with my friends. THAT will stop me from sleeping before 8 o’clock tonight.

EDIT: NOPE. The Conjuring apparently wasn’t on yet. So I just got a milkshake–the kind that does not bring boys to the yard–and went home to play Amnesia pack for the team outing.

I really suck
I really do.

What do you guys do on days when you need to change up your schedule for a couple of days? How do you manage to concentrate in situations like this?