I May Be Overdoing Things a Bit (Maybe)

I had a massage today.

It was a free massage service and relaxation products booth set up beside the table where the employees begin and end their physical exams. It’s APE week at the office, and there were a lot of people standing in line – but not as many as it did at the same point last year. It’s probably because the typhoon that tore through here yesterday has prevented many other people from getting here. I try to distract myself from thinking about that by just doing my job and trying to look for some resources that will help me ensure that the SEO stuff I’ve been picking up are right (because I’m pretty sure I’ve misunderstood some concepts).

But I digress. I was going to talk about the massage.

It was something I totally needed. My upper-to-middle back has been hurting for the last couple of days, and I hadn’t had time to go to a spa to get all the kinks out – I normally go every other month, but I’ve been a little too busy for the last few months. My back needed a good thrashing. Thankfully, the massage therapist had no mercy – she went after my tense muscles like a thug with a grudge. It kind of hurt, of course, but it’s the kind of hurt that makes the other hurt cower in fear. It was the bully of hurts, and it really is something that I should inflict upon myself more regularly.

Me, faced with surprise free massage. Image credit goes to Kate Beaton.

The massage lady went as far as tutting at me because of all the “air bubbles” in the muscles of my back. Even the power of White Flower failed to completely eradicate the stiffness I’ve been feeling. She did the best she could, so at least the pain wasn’t as bad as it was when I first came in.

But it drove home a realization:

I’m probably overdoing things a bit.

In one of my recent posts, I admitted to being addicted to everything I ever liked, which is leading me to pile tons of things on  my already overloaded daily to-do list. It comes from one of the (depressingly) many things I inherited from my mom: a desire to “get everything done right now because no one else will do it and I might forget to do it later”. Let me just point out that we are both totally justified in thinking this way, but it can be really awful for our nerves.

So here’s what I’m thinking of doing: pick one of my personal tasks and do that for one whole week, then swap it out for another one of my tasks the next week, and so on. Maybe with less on my plate, I’ll have fewer knots in my back.

To be sure, though, I got myself one of those hot pillow things that you plug into a socket to heat up. Heat goes a long way towards helping me relax.

Of course, the pillow in question is pink.


I’m sure we’ve all experienced overdoing something. What was YOUR solution to this?

Life Goal: Learn Some Patience

I’m not a very patient person. Ask anyone I interact with on a regular basis, and you’ll find out that I’ve gone on some pretty annoying rants over being late and over things that never go according to plan.

Intellectually, I know that I should never expect anything to go according to plan–especially when other human beings are involved. But that doesn’t seem to stop me from going berserk in the brain when I have to deal with snags that ultimately result in REALLY BAD THINGS; not just for me, but for another person. That’s what really drives me nuts, actually: I try to do things for people sometimes, and they’re really aren’t helping me help them even if they’re perfectly capable themselves. Then suddenly I’M the bad guy because I didn’t catch their shit for them (even though it’s really not my job).

I tend to go a little bit ballistic when that happens. Then, whether justified or not, I start feeling BAD about getting angry. That’s because despite my temper, I really do like thinking the best of people and I really am at fault sometimes.

I really suck
I really do.

I had a blow up very recently–oh, who am I kidding? I HAVE BLOW UPS ALL THE TIME–and it got me thinking that I need to stop being so high-strung about everything. I mean, it’s good for when I’m working on something on my own. It’s just really really bad when I end up bringing it to work because my co-workers aren’t actually the focus of my ire. Usually, it’s someone else. Nobody at my office deserves a snappish Elea. She’s pretty mean and even I don’t like her.

So I’m deciding that my life goals will have to include learning some patience and being more chill about some things that are out of my control.

That means I have to re-develop the habit of meditation.

I used to meditate a lot, and it actually helped me control my stress levels. I’m not quite sure why I stopped. Of course, it doesn’t matter–I have to pick it up again if I want keep my temper in check. So I figure I should start tomorrow morning or something. Or maybe tonight.

Does anyone else have any suggestions for being more patient? Advice to give? Reading material to recommend?