Watching in Between

ReadinginBetween_Watching in Between

Making this short and sweet this Wednesday, because I’m overwhelming myself with lists of stuff that needs to get done (for work and personal projects like the ones on Wattpad). I’m trying to keep myself sane with TV shows, because my oh my we have some good ones this season and they make me feel better about myself.

ReadinginBetween_Watching in Between

So. In case you want to watch these with me (or you already are watching them and want to geek out with me on the comments section), here’s list of shows that I watch between productivity lists:

  • Supergirl (Kara why so adorbs?)
  • The Flash (Don’t make me pick a favorite; it’s hard)
  • iZombie (RAVIIIIIII)
  • Agents of Shield (FITZSIMMONS <3)
  • Scream Queens (Everything about this show)
  • Bones (Hodgins keeps stealing the show for me)
  • Criminal Minds (REEEEIIIIIIID)
  • Sleepy Hollow (I keep waiting for Ichabod’s contractual moment of curmudgeonly commentary)
  • Grimm (Monroe and Rosalee…plus WU)
  • Doctor Who

I watch other shows too, by the way (like Mysteries of Laura, American Horror Story, Ash vs The Evil Dead, and The Librarians), but I’m not as consistent with them.

Anyway, what are YOU watching in between the hustle and bustle of your life? Any other show recommendations?

Fan Wishes: Alternate Universes I Hope to God Happen in CW

I interrupt our regular poetic programming to babble about my current fannish obsession with the CW show “The Flash”. This was written/drafted yesterday. Apologies for the gibbering, and I promise there will be poetry next week.

If you guys remember, I was excited about the concept of alternate timelines in the CW heroes universe earlier this week. And while stuff didn’t happen exactly the way I thought they would, I was still excited at the way it all turned out.

I have seen the futur—okay no, not really. I’ve seen the finale of CW’s “The Flash”, which basically amounts to me seeing multiple POTENTIAL futures/alternate realities a la Vibe (oh hey, Cisco Ramon!). And I guess that’s good enough.

Of course, I’m probably not seeing actual potential futures. These are probably just things that I want the various superhero series showrunners to actually do. I don’t EXPECT them to do all this; I will just love them forever if this is, in fact, what will happen in the wake of that Flash finale.

Even if it WAS a cliffhanger (DAMMIT!).

Happy Koala
King Koala Approves

So what are the timeline divergences I’m hoping they’d tackle? Well…(spoilers ahead for those who haven’t watched the finale)

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