Making a Few Blog Tweaks

…the most major of which is the theme I’m using for this blog. It all started a couple of weeks ago, when my sister overlooked the page numbers at the bottom of the GotG review post, almost missing the rest of my thoughts.

Now, if you were a regular visitor/stalker of my blog (my sister wasn’t), you’d know that I have a tendency to use the “nextpage” code on my movie and book reviews. The code in question breaks those posts down into “pages”, thus minimizing scrolling. As it turns out, the one downside to that is that the page numbers can be fairly difficult to find with the current theme I’m using (Matala) because the numbers are tiny and situated below a bunch of other crap.

You really have to pay attention to see it.
You really have to pay attention to see it (screencap of yesterday’s TMNT post)

I really didn’t get around to seriously changing the theme because I had a bunch of other (more lucrative) things on my plate, but then I realized that I should do it as soon as possible – otherwise I won’t be doing it at all. I know myself. I can be that lazy, especially when I’m sick (which I have been for the last three weeks).

The thing is, I don’t know what theme to pick. So I’ll probably cycle through a bunch of themes over the next week or so to see which ones work best.

Of course I’m sticking to free themes because I spend all my money on food, family, and books. Okay, and transportation – but that will lead to a rant that I’d rather not get into right now because I’m trying to be in a good mood. But maybe someday I’ll try some paid themes. Probably when I get off my ass and start self-hosting this blog.

In any case, don’t be surprised if the blog looks incredibly different when you see it. You’re not going crazy.


In the off-chance that you’re willing to respond: would you happen to have any free WordPress blog theme recommendations?

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. Which reminded me that I have a blog that I’ve neglected because of work. On the other hand, I JUST GOT PROMOTED YOU GUYS . That’s almost as good as knowing that I’ve managed to write a moderately popular blog post.

Here’s hoping that I’ll actually have some time to post here this year.


Click here to see the complete report.